Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Man Milking?

Prostate milking is done by inserting your index finger in the anus and bending your finger in a curve upwards slowly.Take care not to be too harsh doing this massage as that would could harm the tissues inside and may cause complication.sYou will need to curve it downwards and then upwards after the scrotum area. Once you are able to feel a roundish spot in this area then you have already located the prostate gland.

this particular area. Experiment and  you will feel the most suitable stroke that can then provide one with the most pleasure when massaging the prostate.

Prostate massage may or may not require another person to do this for you. You can just go ahead and do it yourself which is  a good first step  as you are dealing this one with your own and you will know the feeling when touching the prostate.

While prostate milking offers a good medical therapy and pleasurable experience to men, the main challange  of which is to be able to work a way towards getting a good orgasm.

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