Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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How To Crossdress Your Husband

This is for the ladies that have always wish your husbands to get in touch with their feminine side.. I mean REALLY GET IN TOUCH with it. Here are a few tips that will show you how to crossdress your husband:

Firstly, you need to fill him out as to whether he is opened to the idea of experimenting in the bedroom and maybe acting out a few cross dressing fantasies that he never had a chance to play out before. It is important to be a good listener and to carefully note his preferences and limitations if he has any.

Once you figure out what he likes and he is open to, it is time to make suggestions as to the outfits, sexual positions, role play scenarios, etc that you too will act out during your sexual interactions. It is very important not to ever make fun of your partner while he is getting acclimated with crossdressing. It might take a little getting used to on his part to be comfortable wearing mascara, lipstick or a pair of lacy panties but with a little patience and encouragement you will be having lots of fun in no time at all.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with pushing the envelope a little and calling him a "dirty little whore", spanking his butt, or putting him in submissive sexual positions usually more reserved for ladies. This is exactly what crossdressing should entail.

Need some wardrobe and makeup crossdressing tips? Stay tuned! I should be posting lots more on this topic very soon.

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