Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you have a Leather Fetish?

Leather wear is often associated with certain sexual practices and activities and sub-consciously it is a way for many people to distinguish themselves and their particular lifestyle. Gay men have been known as 'leather men' and some authors have even written about them as engaging in sadomasochist sex with each other while often using recreational drugs and alcohol and leather wear. In the BDSM culture specifically leather is associated with bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism (S&M). It can also denote rank. For instance, in the Leather Community the slave is usually kept naked.

Many of the leather fetish items also hold a symbolic meaning. The collar is probably the most familiar symbol of the BDSM lifestyle and although it can purely be used for play, it often symbolizes a formal commitment between sub and domme. It represents mutual belonging through a power exchange of ownership and belonging. There is no doubt that leather objects, clothing and accessories such as bondage belts, leashes, collars, etc. definitely contribute to the enhancement of the user's BDSM experience. Leather restrain cuffs, for example, are designed for use in sexual bondage and for many the pain inflicted during sexual bondage is extremely addictive and alluring. On the other hand, others enjoy restraining another to show dominance for which items such as leather whips, leather blindfolds, leather gags, leather slave hoods, leather arm bands, leather body harnesses, etc. really come in handy.

Lastly, there are those that literally get aroused by the smell and feel and look of leather. They might also get aroused by the sight of a person wearing a particular leather garment or by wearing the garment and achieving a particular look and feel. Many leather fetishists derive pleasure simply from collecting leather garments, i.e. leather skirt fetish.

Whatever your leather fetish might be or inclination to wear or use fetish wear, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest and share your experience with me.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you a compulsive masturbator?

Most guys like to masturbate on a regular basis: some do it a few times per week, some daily and some several times a day. Most teenagers masturbate several times a day. But are you a compulsive masturbator? Read on to find out:

Do your masturbation habits cause you to be late for work, and other activities or neglect them all together?

Do you watch inappropriate material such as child pornography or masturbate in inappropriate places such as your workplace or your car? Do you go into video booths to masturbate and watch others do it? Do you frequent swingers clubs and other places where nudity and masturbation and sexual scenes are prevalent?

Do you go on binge masturbations where you find yourself spending hours at a time "lost" in sexual fantasies and watching porn?

Have you caused genital injury to yourself as a result of lengthy masturbation sessions? Has this made you feel 'alive' and given you sort of a 'high' or 'numbing' effect?

Would you many times rather masturbate than engage in intimacy with another person?

If the answer to more than one if these questions is yes, consider yourself a compulsive masturbator. Are you?

It is important to note that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever between masturbation and any form of mental disorder and most professionals in the field agree that if one is uncomfortable about having this habit it is best to try to find the causes rather than trying to suppress it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sissification Tips - How to become a better sissy

These are some easy to follow tips for all my sissy girls that want to refine their sissification and cross-dressing techniques. If you are ready to take your look to the next level, read on.

1. The first thing all sissies need to perfect if you are looking to have a flawless look is hiding your 'fruit and nuts'. The simplest way to accomplish this is to tuck your testicles and clitty back between your legs and then closing them tightly while pulling up a tight pair of control-top pantyhose, panties, or a girdle. If it still looks bulky and uneven you can place a thin party-liner in the panties crotch area and that will smooth everything out.

2. Feeling and looking smooth is also very important. So, legs, arms, back, and your privates should be kept free of unsightly coarse hair. How do you accomplish this? You can of course use the old fashion razor and shaving cream method OR you can use depilatory creams or lotions such as MOUJAN Depilatory Foam Spray, Hair Away Creme, Nair Depilatory Lotion and follow that with a Post-Depilatory Care cream . Some of these such as Surgi-Cream can even be used to get rid of facial hair.

3. Lastly, another essential element that will considerably perfect your sissy look is using Dermablend foundation on your face to cover your beard shadow. This can be applied with a makeup sponge or foundation brush.

On future blogs I will be covering more easy tips to improve your sissy look as well as great wardrobe suggestions. I also want to talk to you about feminization hypnosis which is becoming increasingly popular among transgendered, transvestites and transsexuals to assist them in letting out the inner women in them and liberate them from a lifelong trap. In addition, I will soon announce a brand new Sissy Podcast Series! So, stay tuned!

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Sissy Whore Chris is back....

Sissy whore Chris is back at work for Mistress... This time I dressed him up in a tight white dress showing his see thru black lacy panties and bra. I got him an extra size of the silicone breast padding with luscious round and brown juicy nipples for all my male clients to suck on and hold on to as Chris is getting his little man cunt used time and again...

He's been a good little sissy for Mistress. I shall keep him busy satisfying my studs.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jeff's Loser List

Jeff from Virginia is what I call the PERFECT LOSER.

Not only has he spent his hard earned money on a phone call so that I can call him IDIOT, LOSER, FAGGOT, etc. and assure him that he will be taken advantage of by me and every other person that he ever comes across for the rest of his life, but here are other facts that surely make Jeff the 'PERFECT LOSER':

* He's 34, never been married.

* Has worn panties to work and on a first date (which of course didn't go anywhere)

* He used to wear his ex-girlfriemds panties when they were dating

* Once he took care of his neighbor's cat whom he had a crush on and stole her panties, put them on, jerked off on them then, got them accidentaly stained and put them back

* He only has had sex with two women and one of them was a one night stand, and the girl was drunk and fat

* He once walked around with a HUGE, STICKY, GROSS cum stain on his pants all the way to the convenience store and back

* He wraps his legs around his neck and shoots his cum into his mouth.. he's done this about 3 times: once he swalled it and the other two times he got it on his face

* He has inserted a hair brush handle and a cucumber in his ass and orgasmed while doing it

* When he was in junior high he fooled around with another guy. He was the one that got him into... well.. being A LOSER. He says that was a pretty "gay summer" and now, well, even though he doesn't admit it openly, we both know deep down he is: A FAGGOT.

* He has never been able to pick a girl up at a bar or anywhere else and he's never used a pick up line on a girl. In fact, he DOESN'T HAVE a pick up line.

If this is not the perfect LOSER LIST what is it? Or can you top it?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sissy Whore Chris

Just got off the phone with Chris.. and surely he was turned into a little sissy whore before the 13 minutes were up... But not before we dressed him up for the occasion: pink thong, matching pink bra stuffed with silicone padding, high heels and tight red dress generously showing his newly acquired cleavage. He was then ready for action: sucking, licking, pleasing all the men that I sent his way. Fun, fun, fun.

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Edging, also known as orgasm control, is a very powerful sexual technique that every man should know how to use. It consists of taking yourself to the edge, right to that point where you are about to orgasm. Then you just back off right before ejaculation by using your pelvic muscles to shut down the ejaculation. This process is repeated several times, over and over again, over the course of days, weeks or even months. Each time you edge, the sexual energy will increase tremendously. Some men have compared it to having a 'high'.

Some of the advantages of edging are the increase in sperm production, testosterone levels, and erection estimulator. If mastered, it can even help eliminate premature ejaculation.

This technique not only can be practiced via masturbation but also when having actual intercourse. You will find that the more you use this technique, the longer you will be able to last while having sex.