Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fart Fetish

(DISCLAIMER: If you are easily disgusted by farting and anything related to it, don't read on).

Today's call from Fartboy was truly fun! He truly enjoys (yes, you guessed it) farting butts. He just loves the sound and smell of farting whether it is coming from a woman's butt or a guy's butt. The bigger the butt, the better. He said he's gotten farted on by really huge, fat women and that really turns him on. Now to add to this mix, not only does he like the sound and smell of farting, but he really enjoys it more if the butt hole is dirty. And if the dirty butt hole is coupled with a dirty pussy, he's in HEAVEN!

Now for those of you who're familiar with fart fetishes, this all sounds perfectly normal and even exciting. However, for those of you who are wondering what this is all about, I'll explain in more detail.

The term for what's commonly knows as a fart fetish is flatulophilia and anyone with flatulophilia is known as a flatulophile which means person aroused by flatulence. Although fart fetishes include involve flatulation in general, female flatulation is more common.

Now if you are cringing about this form of fetishism, just bear in mind that in 2008 a farting iPhone application made $10,000 in one day. Also, there have actually existed many professional farters throughout history that held shows and did flatulence impressions. "The Fatiste" was one of them: he was a famous French professional farter from the 19th century.

But back to our fart fetish, my puppets, why don't you tell me about yours?

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