Thursday, January 27, 2011

Phone Sex Consensual Blackmail

Obviously I don't NEED to threaten men to get what I want out of them since I have faithful and very submissive puppets all over the world who love to spoil Me rotten, JUST BECAUSE. Yet, if you fall in the category of those who like to BEG ME to threaten you, manipulate you, abuse you and destroy your life, you too are welcome into MY KINGDOM.

Get started by completing this Consensual Blackmail form and soon enough you'll be down on your knees.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fart Fetish

(DISCLAIMER: If you are easily disgusted by farting and anything related to it, don't read on).

Today's call from Fartboy was truly fun! He truly enjoys (yes, you guessed it) farting butts. He just loves the sound and smell of farting whether it is coming from a woman's butt or a guy's butt. The bigger the butt, the better. He said he's gotten farted on by really huge, fat women and that really turns him on. Now to add to this mix, not only does he like the sound and smell of farting, but he really enjoys it more if the butt hole is dirty. And if the dirty butt hole is coupled with a dirty pussy, he's in HEAVEN!

Now for those of you who're familiar with fart fetishes, this all sounds perfectly normal and even exciting. However, for those of you who are wondering what this is all about, I'll explain in more detail.

The term for what's commonly knows as a fart fetish is flatulophilia and anyone with flatulophilia is known as a flatulophile which means person aroused by flatulence. Although fart fetishes include involve flatulation in general, female flatulation is more common.

Now if you are cringing about this form of fetishism, just bear in mind that in 2008 a farting iPhone application made $10,000 in one day. Also, there have actually existed many professional farters throughout history that held shows and did flatulence impressions. "The Fatiste" was one of them: he was a famous French professional farter from the 19th century.

But back to our fart fetish, my puppets, why don't you tell me about yours?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flip Flop Foot Fetish by Mistress Dede

Instructions for giving the Perfect Blow Job

Throughout the years, I have gotten many compliments on my fellatio giving abilities, so I decided to put some tips together for the girls and guys out there that want to improve or perfect their skills.

•The number one thing I cannot stress enough is to ENJOY WHAT YOU'RE DOING. If you don't like it, he won't either. Think of this activity as one of the most passionate gifts you can give to him. So be enthusiastic about it and really savor the moment! It really helps to connect if every once in a while you look at him in the eyes while you’re pleasuring him.

•Rubbing the testicles gently at the same time is also very pleasurable and will be greatly enjoyed by your partner. Cup them, rub them gently, even tug on them a bit. This will surely enhance the experience. However, keep in mind WHAT YOU ARE HANDLING. There is a very thin line between being firm and being rough and you should always be mindful that this is a very sensitive area.

•I know you boys and girls have heard, have told or been told this one more than once but it is sooo important: NO TEETH. Teeth serve many other functions but should really be kept out of the picture when performing oral sex..

•Make sure his penis is really wet. So making sure that your tongue is really wet, lick the entire shaft of his penis. Also, remember you can always use a lubricant in addition to your own saliva.

•Breathing on his cock and blowing gently with your hot breath can be a little variation to give him a different sensation. You can use this in addition to the sucking and licking and alternate them.

•Pausing to tease him while he is fully aroused or before he gets completely hard is also a great way to build momentum. You can tease him by licking and kissing his inner thighs, his balls and giving his cock a complete tongue bath to put him right on the edge. Then take his whole penis completely into your mouth. Remember to also use your tongue to stimulate the head while it's in your mouth.

•Something that invariably will throw him over the edge is to suck on his penis, slowly take the penis out of your mouth out and start a circular hand motion around the head of the penis with your hand before you take him in your mouth again. Satisfaction guaranteed!

•Also, don't go on mute the whole time you are performing oral sex. It's good to stop every once in a while to tell him how much you love sucking on his cock, how good he tastes, asking if he likes the way you're sucking him, etc.

Lastly, it's a great idea to add oral sex toys to your repertoire to add a little spice. There is a great variety of flavored lubricants, flavored condoms, tongue vibes, tongue teasers, oral vibrators and sex toys like the Sqweel Wheel which, coupled with your skills, will give your partner the Perfect Blow Job.

Now, here's a little assignment for my submissive males, call me and tell me what you've learned...

Are glass dildos better than rubber or plastic ones?

A glass dildo is a great option for those who like hard and slick sex toys. Glass dildos can be used for anal and/or vaginal play and they come in a great variety of designs and colors.

Glass dildos have many advantages.The first positive point is that glass dildos are compatible with all sex lubricants, whether the lubricant is water-based, silicone-based or oil-based.

Another plus is that a glass their lifespan is almost indefinite, since they are non-porous which prevents them from deteriorating. Their slick surface also makes them easy to clean and disinfect, so they're much more hygienic than plastic and rubber sex toys.

A very distinctive feature is that glass dildos retain heat and cold. So you could, for example, put it in the refrigerator or put it in hot water, depending on your preference.

Lastly, they come in a so many designs, shapes, sizes and beautiful colors that some people even collect them!

The only one thing to watch out for is to keep in mind that they ARE made out of glass, so they can't be thrown around like the rubber and plastic sex toys. Other than that, a glass dildo will provide lasting pleasure for a long time to cum!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Man Milking?

Prostate milking is done by inserting your index finger in the anus and bending your finger in a curve upwards slowly.Take care not to be too harsh doing this massage as that would could harm the tissues inside and may cause complication.sYou will need to curve it downwards and then upwards after the scrotum area. Once you are able to feel a roundish spot in this area then you have already located the prostate gland.

this particular area. Experiment and  you will feel the most suitable stroke that can then provide one with the most pleasure when massaging the prostate.

Prostate massage may or may not require another person to do this for you. You can just go ahead and do it yourself which is  a good first step  as you are dealing this one with your own and you will know the feeling when touching the prostate.

While prostate milking offers a good medical therapy and pleasurable experience to men, the main challange  of which is to be able to work a way towards getting a good orgasm.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Red Toenails & Foot Sole Foot Fetish.wmv

For my foot fetish puppets..

Forced intoxication

One of my callers from yesterday prompted me to write this article about forced intoxication since many may not be very familiar with this fetish and what it is all about.

Some men fantasize about losing control, being taken advantage of, and be made to do things that they wouldn't do otherwise unless somebody were making them do those things. In their minds, drinking or being made to drink contributes to achieving a weak mental and physical state. In addition, while in this state, the dominatrix or mistress could also take advantage of this blurred state of mind to find out confidential information that can be considered threatening to the person if exposed.

Also, while under forced intoxication, the person can fantasize about being forced to have sex (often with someone from the same sex).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Niteflirt and Other Sites Like Niteflirt

Niteflirt callers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Literally.

Many are the reasons that attract Niteflirt callers to their Mistresses and fetish phone sex girls. Fetishes range anywhere from foot to body worship to nose blowing. Yes, nose blowing.

I received a call from a gentleman whose first time call introduction was asking me whether I had a cold. Obviously, not knowing where he was coming from I got a little offended thinking that maybe my voice sounded nasal or I sounded sick. It turns out he REALLY wanted me to have a cold and found it very appealing, arousing, exciting if my nose was completely stuffed up. Yes, my caller, soon to be regular client had - I am sure he still does have - a nose blowing fetish.

Other fetishes that I regularly participate in are cuckholding fantasies, humiliation, financial control, body worship, ass worship, breast fetish, hypnosis, homosexual fantasies, just to name a few. Niteflirt is really the perfect platform for callers and mistresses alike to express their fantasies since this calling platform is divided into categories such as Petite Body, Mature, BDSM, Group Sex, Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Feminization, Leather & Latex, Anal sex, Lingerie & Stocking, Spanking, Latina, Smoking, Ebony, Submissive Women, Transgender and Shemale fantasies, Lesbian/Bisexual, Mistresses, Kinky Wives, Girl Next Door, and many others which makes it easy for callers to be routed to the fantasy they prefer.

Also, the profiles of the service providers, namely Mistresses, Girls next door, Mature Women, etc. are extremely interactive and give the caller the ability to purchase videos, picture sets, play games, etc.

So definitely check out Niteflirt and other sites like Niteflirt such as Talksugar, Phone Encounters and VIP With Me if you are looking for an avenue to express your innermost desires.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Steven's fantasy...

Steven just called. He lives in a farm in some state like Kentuchy or something like that. His fantasy? Using castration bands around his balls!! Not only did he show me the castration bands but also a castration machine? Not sure what it was but it looked like this could slice some boiled eggs pretty easily. His time for the cam session ran out and he never did put the castration band around him.. Was he for real? Or just a tease? LOL

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial is definitely a wonderful and fun game.. for both my faithful subs and for myself. John's call this morning was definitely fun. He held it like a pro for 14 minutes and I just let him explode.. only to regret having done it so soon.. I think I could have pushed him a bit further. Oh well... next time. LOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This morning's calls...

Slave Mark called again this morning … today he didn’t have his usual fantasy of being taken by a big strong man with a huge black penis. He was really turned on by the idea of worshipping every inch of Mistress Dede… I’m game.

Worship MY Perfect Ass

Body worship is any practice of physically reverencing a part of another person’s body, and is usually done as a submissive act in the context of BDSM. Typical kinds of body worship are muscle worship, foot worship, penis worship, vagina worship (or Oral servitude), and ass worship. Body worship is popular among people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Usually accompanied by prostration, re-enforcing a sense of inferiority, a “sub” generally licks, kisses and sucks their dominant’s body part, and is not allowed to touch it in a more conventional way. The aspect of erotic humiliation is perhaps appreciated by bearing in mind the commonplace phrase “kiss my ass.”
Worshiping a body can also be done because the worshiper is in awe of the body part and wishes to praise that beauty. Although encouragement may be provided, verbally or by spanking, body worship is typically received more or less passively, the worshipped party aloof. Face sitting and smothering are forms of body worship which differ chiefly because of their aggressive approach.