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How to become a cuckhold: (getting your wife or girlfriend to cuckhold you)

The cuckhold lifestyle is followed by millions of people all around the world and it consists mainly of a husband or boyfriend being aroused by the humiliation caused as a result of his partner's secret sexual affairs with other men. Now let's examine who falls under the cuckhold category and whether you qualify as such. Here are a few of the most usual characteristics that cuckholds have in common:

* They fantasize about other men having sex with their wife and as a result experience feelings of humiliation mixed in with arousal.

* They have an exagerated interest in their wives' interactions with other men and enjoy hearing about these interactions.

* They masturbate to thoughts of their wives engaging in flirtatious behavior and/or sexual intercourse with other men.

If you experience these feelings and a cuckhold relationship is a lifestyle you'd like to embrace, you must start out by realizing that getting your wife or girlfriend to cuckhold you is a mental process that both you and your partner will need to go through. First of all, if you are looking to get cuckholded do not start out by putting the emphasis on your wife fucking other men. Be mindful that in the beginning the fact that these thoughts turn you on don't necessarily mean that they turn your wife on as well. Remember that women are raised to be faithful may  fear losing her marriage as a result of 'being bad' or cheating on their husbands. This is why in the beginning it is crucial to have talks with your partner about 'redefining and enhancing' your marriage or relationship and to assure her that you are serious about embracing this lifestyle and it is not just fad or something temporary.

Once this has been accomplished and you are both mentally ready to being cuckhold and cuckholdtress, you can begin to make preparations to start enjoying your new lifestyle by making sure the following bases are covered:

* Make your wife/girlfriend feel sexy. Remember that in order to conquer other men, she will need to feel sexy and 'wanted' by the opposite sex. So take her shopping, buy her new sexy clothes and lingerie,get her a manicure and pedicure, sexy perfumes and anything else that might make her feel beautiful and special.

* Take her to a sex store and buy her a dildo if she does not have one. If you are on the smaller size, she will need to start training her vagina to accommodate larger prospects so get one size bigger so she can slowly start to make the adjustment. Remember that this is just the beginning of your expenses, as you will most likely also have to pay for hotel rooms, meals, more clothes, sex toys, lingerie, etc. to accomodate her new lifestyle and affairs. In addition to this, in the beginning you will have to take her out to clubs, bars, take her out dancing and get her used to the idea of going out and mingling, flirting and interacting with other men. You can also show her videos of women enjoying enjoying bigger cocks and turning themselves into cuckholding whores. This is crucial, as these are the skills that she will later need to attract the men that will become an active part of your cuckhold relationship. You can then go home and start fantasizing about whatever happened during your initial outings and this will slowly but surely begin to mold her mind and jump start your cuckhold relationship.

Remember that this whole process will not happen overnight but most couples who do the work end up having very fun, playful, enjoyable and loving relationships which can evolve into your cuckholding wife  humiliating and punishing you, or your wife having sex with other men in front of you, among many other fun scenarious.