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These are some easy to follow tips for all my sissy girls that want to refine their sissification and cross-dressing techniques. If you are ready to take your look to the next level, read on.
1. The first thing all sissies need to perfect if you are looking to have a flawless look is hiding your 'fruit and nuts'. The simplest way to accomplish this is to tuck your testicles and clitty back between your legs and then closing them tightly while pulling up a tight pair of control-top pantyhose, panties, or a girdle. If it still looks bulky and uneven you can place a thin party-liner in the panties crotch area and that will smooth everything out.
2. Feeling and looking smooth is also very important. So, legs, arms, back, and your privates should be kept free of unsightly coarse hair. How do you accomplish this? You can of course use the old fashion razor and shaving cream method OR you can use depilatory creams or lotions such as MOUJAN Depilatory Foam Spray, Hair Away Creme, Nair Depilatory Lotion and follow that with a Post-Depilatory Care cream . Some of these such as Surgi-Cream can even be used to get rid of facial hair.
3. Lastly, another essential element that will considerably perfect your sissy look is using Dermablend foundation on your face to cover your beard shadow. This can be applied with a makeup sponge or foundation brush.

On future blogs I will be covering more easy tips to improve your sissy look as well as great wardrobe suggestions. I also want to talk to you about feminization hypnosis which is becoming increasingly popular among transgendered, transvestites and transsexuals to assist them in letting out the inner women in them and liberate them from a lifelong trap. In addition, I will soon announce a brand new Sissy Podcast Series! So, stay tuned!

Crossdressing Boutique



This is for the ladies that have always wish your husbands to get in touch with their feminine side.. I mean REALLY GET IN TOUCH with it. Here are a few tips that will show you how to crossdress your husband:

Firstly, you need to fill him out as to whether he is opened to the idea of experimenting in the bedroom and maybe acting out a few cross dressing fantasies that he never had a chance to play out before. It is important to be a good listener and to carefully note his preferences and limitations if he has any.

Once you figure out what he likes and he is open to, it is time to make suggestions as to the outfits, sexual positions, role play scenarios, etc that you too will act out during your sexual interactions. It is very important not to ever make fun of your partner while he is getting acclimated with crossdressing. It might take a little getting used to on his part to be comfortable wearing mascara, lipstick or a pair of lacy panties but with a little patience and encouragement you will be having lots of fun in no time at all.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with pushing the envelope a little and calling him a "dirty little whore", spanking his butt, or putting him in submissive sexual positions usually more reserved for ladies. This is exactly what crossdressing should entail.

Need some wardrobe and makeup crossdressing tips? Stay tuned! I should be posting lots more on this topic very soon. Your crossdressing superstore for all of your feminine needs!

Easy tips for Sissy Lingerie Care

Once you stock up on your favorite sissy lingerie pieces, you should learn
how to care for them so you can enjoy your beautiful sissy lingerie
collection for years to come. By following these easy tips you can
get the best use and life out of your lingerie and keep it looking
like new!

1. Fill in your sink with cool water.

2. Add Lingerie Wash Liquid to the water and swish the water and fabric care
wash liquid around as you are filling the sink.
(Lingerie Wash liquids are the best fabric care wash for lingerie
care. They are highly recommended by lingerie manufacturers since
theywill not damage your lingerie like regular soaps or detergent
do. They leave no sopa residues and do not damage the tread fibers
so they preserve the fiber-flex and elasticity of your garments)

3. Add your lingerie pieces: bras, stockings, panties, etc. and
swish the clothes around for a few minutes.

4. Let them sit and soak a minute or so, then pull the sink plug and
let the water completely drain out.

5. After the soapy water gone, turn on the fresh water and rinse
each item thoroughly, as you take them out of the sink one by one
carefully wringing off all excess water

6. Hang the items to dry in a clothesline or lay them as straight
and flat as possible. Reshape the bra cups to their natural
position, if necessary. You should never dry your lingerie in a
clothes dryer, as this will damage the fibers and the wires in your bras.
If you absolutely 'have' to put your lingerie in the dryer,
make sure to ALWAYS use a Lingerie Wash Bag.

So there you have it.  With just a few simple steps now you can keep
your lingerie collection looking beautiful and vibrant for years to
come! Your crossdressing superstore for all of your feminine needs!