Sunday, July 3, 2011

Encouragement message for Losers from Steven

Here is what Steven has to say:
"wow! you are absolutely perfect in every way. i drool just thinking that i exist on the same planet as you. i am so content with knowing that no matter how much i worship you i will never even get the chance to see you. i would be happy to be kicked in my balls by you on a daily basis. i would work so so so hard to do all the physical labors for you. i would go out of my way as much as possible to ease whatever stress in life that might actually come your way. i would rip my own heart out of my chest if you wanted to stomp on it. i would jump off a bridge just to make life more convenient for you. OMG! my pathetic snub of a dick gets so hard when i look at your pics that i can't think straight at all"

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