Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you a compulsive masturbator?

Most guys like to masturbate on a regular basis: some do it a few times per week, some daily and some several times a day. Most teenagers masturbate several times a day. But are you a compulsive masturbator? Read on to find out:

Do your masturbation habits cause you to be late for work, and other activities or neglect them all together?

Do you watch inappropriate material such as child pornography or masturbate in inappropriate places such as your workplace or your car? Do you go into video booths to masturbate and watch others do it? Do you frequent swingers clubs and other places where nudity and masturbation and sexual scenes are prevalent?

Do you go on binge masturbations where you find yourself spending hours at a time "lost" in sexual fantasies and watching porn?

Have you caused genital injury to yourself as a result of lengthy masturbation sessions? Has this made you feel 'alive' and given you sort of a 'high' or 'numbing' effect?

Would you many times rather masturbate than engage in intimacy with another person?

If the answer to more than one if these questions is yes, consider yourself a compulsive masturbator. Are you?

It is important to note that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever between masturbation and any form of mental disorder and most professionals in the field agree that if one is uncomfortable about having this habit it is best to try to find the causes rather than trying to suppress it.

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